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Sandwiched on a typical Bushwick street wrapped in murals and graffiti, the first thing we noticed about AP Cafe was the outdoor waterfall and abundance of natural light. When we first entered AP, the space felt a little sterile: metal table stands, a copper countertop, concrete floors and lots of square angles, but the longer we stayed the more comfortable it felt. There was obviously a lot of thought put into the design of the space that recreates a desert oasis with simple cacti, clean lines and a mostly sandy white and grey interior. We can always appreciate a wall bench with tables, though we quickly discovered that the shorter person in the group must sit on the wall bench since the modern white chairs are a bit lower.

We ordered an espresso, filtered drip coffee and a green smoothie just because we could. They are currently using coffee roasted by Toby’s Estate in Williamsburg. The espresso was the Flatiron blend of Brazilian and Colombian coffees pulled precisely by our Barista. At first sip the coffee was very bright and then opened up to notes of tropical fruit. The taste finished off as if we were eating a candy bar. Our drip coffee was a blend of the same origins made specifically for filtered coffee called “Brooklyn.” Reminding us of our dads’ classic cups of coffee, we tasted slight floral notes with just enough of a roasty finish and a full body. Though we take our coffee black, this blend would mix well with a little cream and will still allow the flavors to shine through.

With AP being one of our first visits in Bushwick, it will be interesting to discover as we continue on our coffee journey, how much design plays into the importance in creating a cafe’s “vibe.”

Wide Angle Cafe- AP

Coffee with Cactus - AP CafeLinda Sitting - AP CafeGraffiti Reflection - AP Cafe

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